Vancouver launches Arts & Culture Policy Council | The Peak

Vancouver launches Arts & Culture Policy Council | The Peak

The Peak
June 4, 2012

Vancouver launches Arts and Culture Policy Council

As of May 23, the City of Vancouver officially has a new arts committee comprised of both artists and directors of non-profits arts organizations.

In February, Mayor Gregor Robertson approved the creation of the Arts and Culture Policy Council (ACPC) to support and strengthen the arts community, and the idea was well-received by the community due to a need for a direct channel to the City Council. The ACPC will identify local issues, provide advice on civic arts programs and services, gather public feedback, and engage in public outreach.

The ACPC is composed of 15 voting members serving for specific lengths of time. Members selected represent a broad spectrum of performing, visual, and literary arts. One of the committee members is SFU’s Katherine McManus, director of the Writing and Publishing Program. The council will be supplemented with non-voting liaisons from City Council, the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, the Vancouver Board of Education, and
City staff. An existing council for public art will be absorbed as a subcommittee, and one of the first issues to be discussed is restructuring public art funding to better serve specific neighbourhoods.